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Our Bakery 💕

Welcome to Sweet Little Things, your go-to bakery located in the heart of Bath!

At Sweet Little Things, our dedicated team goes above and beyond to bring you a wide array of delectable treats. From stocking our display shelves with daily delights to curating seasonal menus and fulfilling custom orders for personalised birthday cakes, postal brownie boxes, and exquisite macarons, we pour our passion into every bake. Moreover, we extend our reach to cater to wholesale customers in both Bath and Bristol, spreading the sweetness far and wide.

Exciting news! Sweet Little Things is now expanding beyond Bath and Bristol, popping up at food markets across the UK. Indulge in our irresistible offerings, from heavenly choux buns to mouthwatering cupcakes and delicate macarons, as we bring our bakery delights to new locations nationwide. Join us on this delectable journey as we continue to spread joy, one sweet treat at a time.

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