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Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Afternoon Tea at Sweet Little Things, Bath

Thursday, 1 August 2019

Sweet Little Things tea room and bakery is centrally located, just next to Southgate, and is probably the most 'instagrammable' cafe in the whole of Bath. They offer breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and a selection of sweet little things, as the name would suggest. 😉 When walking up to the cafe, the beautiful flower-adorned décor immediately catches your eye. The place is very girly, cheerful and flowery. The pink flower wall with the neon sign is definitely the cherry on top, and for some it might be *too* girly, but we love it! It's something a little bit different in our city. 🌸 Today, we went to Sweet Little Things to try out their classic afternoon tea 🧁 [£16.95 per person].

The first layer was three freshly baked bread rolls per person: egg salad, smoked salmon & cream cheese and wholegrain mustard and Wiltshire ham. The bread rolls were a nice, welcome change from the usual finger sandwiches that you find in afternoon teas. Although the three flavours were very tasty, the egg salad was probably our favourite as its flavours went so well with the bread.

Next up, scones! Although scones can easily be on the drier side and often need a lot of clotted cream to make up for it, these scones were super fresh, soft and delicious. Both the jam and cream were really yummy.

By the time we had finished the scones, we were both already quite full, but we hadn't even got started on the most exciting layer yet! There was a macaroon, an orange-lavender cake, a cinnamon cake and a classic Victoria sponge, all beautifully decorated with flowers, berries and powdered sugar.

The macaroon was nice, but nothing special. The orange-lavender cake, on the other hand, had a more unusual, botanical flavour which was intriguing and turned out to be one of our favourites. Another favourite was the Victoria sponge cake - it was fresh, light and delicious. The cinnamon cake was our least favourite as it was quite dense and heavy.

Overall, this is a great afternoon tea filled with lots of sweet goodies. It's also a lot cheaper than many of the other options in the city which is great for students. They even have gin and prosecco afternoon teas if you want a little extra treat!

🌟 As you can see, the interiors are really cute and filled with flowers. Because it's been so popular, they've even expanded to the floor below too.

🤵🏻 All of the staff were really friendly and we didn't have to wait too long for our food or drinks to arrive.

🌿 They offer vegan and gluten-free options for everything on their menu, and they have a couple of healthy alternatives such as acai bowls and buddha bowls too.

💰 ££ - Overall, it's great value for money because you get a LOT of food. We would definitely recommend not having a really filling lunch beforehand.

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